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        From the Editor                                          Bonsai CluBs international

             elcome to the first issue of Bonsai & Stone Appreciation Magazine for   MISSION STATEMENT
             2011. Donna Banting has retired from the editor’s role and is looking   Bonsai Clubs International, a non-profit educational
        Wforward to spending more time with her first love, bonsai. She leaves   organization,  advances the ancient and living art of Bonsai
        behind a solid foundation on which we all can build. I have experienced first-
        hand the strong and enduring relationships Donna has developed and nur-  and related arts through the global sharing of knowledge. We
        tured all over the world in the name of BCI, Bonsai & Stone Appreciation   educate while promoting international friendship and solidify
        Magazine and friendship. I could not agree with her more when it comes   world relationships through cooperation with individuals and
        to the large role volunteers, donors, advertisers, photographers, writers and   organizations whose purpose is consistent with ours.
        artists play in making each issue a reality. I also acknowledge the generous   OFFICERS
        contributions made by this devoted group of people and pledge my support   Robert Kempinski, President  Les Dowdell, Canada,
        to them as well.                                         Melbourne, FL, USA          [email protected]
          I have been growing and collecting bonsai for just over 20 years in south-  [email protected]  Frieda Joris, Belgium,
        ern Manitoba, where we are challenged by a six-month-long winter. During             [email protected]
        the last decade, I have grown tropical bonsai indoors under lights to extend   Ian Glew, 1st Vice President
        my bonsai activity year-round. For me, bonsai has been a pleasurable and   Kuraby, Queensland, Australia,  Min Hsuan Lo, Taiwan,
        rewarding escape. Time spent with trees is quiet and stress-free. In contrast to   [email protected]  [email protected]
        this solitary process, the BCI conventions I have attended, have enriched me   Paul Gilbert, 2nd Vice President  Frank Mihalic, USA,
        with a stimulating environment and close friendships with bonsai enthusiasts   Greeley, CO, USA,   [email protected]
        in other countries. As I learn more about this art form and witness how true   [email protected]
        talent can bring out the best in a tree, I happily contribute my passion for   Dave Radlinski, Treasurer  Wang Xuan Min, China
        graphic design to help present and promote the work of accomplished bonsai   Milford, OH, USA  email:[email protected]
        and stone artists, collectors and teachers.              [email protected]       Chiara Padrini, Italy,
          Thankfully, modern communication makes it possible, even easy, to gather           [email protected]
        content from all parts of the world, and online language translators give us   Joan Greenway,    Nikunj Parekh, India,
        the opportunity for cross-culture dialogue and understanding. I encourage   Corresponding Secretary    [email protected]
        you all to consider contributing your stories and photos to the magazine. We   Courtice, ON, Canada,
        are curious about bonsai and stones in your corner of the world.  [email protected]  Helen Su
          The newly appointed executive team has been hard at work and has some   Pauline Muth, Recording Secretary  Taiwan, R.O.C.
        very exciting announcements in this issue. A tour of Japan which includes   West Charlton, NY,  USA  [email protected]
        two major bonsai shows, promises to be the highlight of the year and the   [email protected]  Ng Ing Suan,
        experience of a lifetime. Coming soon is the Bonsai Friendship Exchange, a   IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT  Malaysia
        program which BCI members can use to expand their experiences in bonsai   I. Chi Su  [email protected]
        and stone art all over the world, wherever and whenever they travel.  Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.  Budi Sulistyo, Indonesia,
          Also is this issue, we feature reviews and photos of exhibitions and compe-  [email protected]  [email protected]
        titions from China, Spain, Italy and USA for your enjoyment.
          There are articles by two of the presenters at Bonsai in the Blue Grass, this   EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
        year’s BCI convention in Louisville, Kentucky; Chiara Padrini of Italy and   Glenis Bebb, Australia   DIPLOMATIC MAILBAG
        Enrique Castaño de la Serna from Mexico. Chiara shares with us the Korean   [email protected]  Ian Glew, Editor,
        aesthetic of the Suseok, and then takes us on a short trip to Vietnam for a   DIRECTORS  Queensland, Australia
        glimpse into this culture’s enthusiasm for stones. Enrique has been prospect-  Massimo Bandera, Italy,   [email protected]
        ing for bonsai gold and uses a Bucida Spinosa found at the side of the road to   [email protected]
        illustrate this Caribbean species’ natural potential for bonsai.   Guillermo Ramirez Castaño,    BCI BUSINESS OFFICE
          Giacomo Pappalardo answers the question, “Why do we clean the bark on              Terry Kempinski,
        junipers?” and points out how bark texture servers as a design element and   Mexico,   Business Manager
                                                                 [email protected]
        must be the proper scale to the size of the tree.                                    PO Box 411893
                                                                                             Melbourne, FL 32941-1893 USA
          The magazine starts with Memories of China, which is a testament to the   Chai Bao Cheng,    [email protected]
        excellent quality of BCI-organized events.               Peoples Republic of China,
          — Joe Grande, Canada                                   [email protected]
        2    | January/February/March 2011
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