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        EDITORIal sTaff
        Massimo Bandera, Italy & Spain
        Willi Benz, Germany
        Lew Buller, USA
        Thomas S. Elias, USA                   on our CovEr
        Min Hsuan Lo, Taiwan
        I-Chi Su, Taiwan                       BCI President, Rob Kempinski, photographed this tree on the BCI tour of China. It was the
        Budi Sulistyo, Indonesia               second-place bonsai in the Guangzhou exhibit. It’s a slow growing Orange Jasmine (Mur-
        Alan Walker, USA                       raya paniculata) so one can imagine the actual age of the tree. The inset stone photo, also by
                                               Robert, is a million-dollar carved jade stone for sale at the viewing stone museum in Beijing.
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