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Memories of China

        BCI 2010 China Tour and BCI Convention in Tianjin

                                                         isiting China on the recent BCI tour, one could al-  by Robert Kempinski
                                                         most imagine how Marco Polo must have felt as he  with comments from
                                                    Vtraveled there centuries ago and experienced the  Willem Pretorius and
                                                    wonderful culture and saw the amazing sites of the vast  Ian Glew.
                                                    country—including its bonsai. Even though Japan has   Photos by Robert Kempinski,
                                                    been the largest influence on the art of bonsai in the rest   USA; Budi Sulistyo, Indonesia;
                                                    of the world, most bonsai enthusiasts are aware bonsai   Rosemarie Voelker, USA; Ian
                                                    originated in China. Yet, due to the Cultural Revolution,   Glew, Australia; and Willem
                                                    Chinese bonsai have remained somewhat unknown to   Pretorius, South Africa
                                                    the majority of bonsai growers outside of its borders.   below; Cascade Juniper at
                                                    Upon visiting China and seeing firsthand the splendor   the Bonsai Club Exhibition in
                                                    of the trees and stones, and the enthusiasm and wide-  Nanjing.
                                                    spread nature of the art, one can readily be transported   bottom; Budi Sulistyo, Indone-
                                                    to an earlier age and truly appreciate the diversity and   sia and Willem Pretorius, South
                                                    tradition of the art.                        Africa, join the party.
                                                    The BCI Tour, arranged by BCI President I.C. Su and
                                                    his wife, Helen Su, was chock full of adventure as it tra-
                                                    versed across a large part of China. It started in south-
                                                    ern China with a visit to the Chencun World of Flowers

                                                                                                                   © Rosemarie Voelker

                                                                                       © Rob Kempinski             © Rob Kempinski
                                                                                           January/February/March 2011 |    5
                                         © Rob Kempinski
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